Empowering the Future of Neuroscience

Empowering the Future of Neurosceince

PostDoc and Clinicians Program

Programs for Clinician scientists

iBehave is dedicated to providing support to clinician scientists at all stages of their careers. The organization’s PIs have led efforts to create and maintain extensive and lasting structures to assist these individuals. Recently, the UoB Medical Faculty received substantial funding to establish an advanced clinician scientist program, with an emphasis on neurosciences. Additionally, iBehave is evaluating a potential neuro-centric junior clinician scientist program called Neuro-aCSis, which would complement the already impressive support structures of the Bonfor intramural funding system. Furthermore, iBehave’s extramural programs include the Hertie Network of Excellence in Clinical Neuroscience, which is led by iBehave PIs H. Beck and A. Schneider, and supports young clinician scientists such as iBehave PIs M. Wenzel and J. Faber.

Programs for Postdocs

Postdocs will participate in structured programs created by each partner institution, such as the Argelander Center at UoB, Albertus Magnus Center at UoC, Center for Young Academics at RWTH, HCDCR at FZJ, Career Development Center at DZNE, and Planck Academy at MPG. Every postdoc will select a mentor from within the network and meet with them on a regular basis. To encourage independence, there will be grant writing workshops, opportunities to supervise undergraduate students, and chances to get involved in teaching and disseminating scientific findings. Additionally, iBehave aims to facilitate the transition of postdocs into the private sector by holding a seminar series and meet-and-greets with industry speakers, including representatives from companies such as Google and Roche.

We are excited to announce an upcoming Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Viren Jain on September 28 2023, a researcher at Google who is working on the human connectome. As a researcher, Jain focuses on the human brain and is particularly interested in understanding how its complex network of connections affects behavior and cognition. His work involves analyzing vast amounts of brain imaging data using computational tools and techniques. In this AMA session, Jain will share his insights and experiences as a researcher at Google and answer questions on the topic of the connectome. Whether you’re interested in neuroscience, computer science, or just curious about the latest developments in brain research, this is a session you won’t want to miss. Join us and learn more about the fascinating work being done in the field of brain connectivity!