Empowering the Future of Neuroscience

Empowering the Future of Neurosceince

Young researchers of the iBehave Network

Currently, about 29 PhD students and 12 PostDocs from all over the world are working in iBehave Network. iBehave platform provides opportunities for PhD students and PostDocs from different research groups to connect, collaborate, and share ideas. By being part of this larger network, the PhD/Postdoc researching on different aspects of neuroscience, brain and behavior research are able to tap into a wealth of resources and expertise from across the partner institutes of the network.

Our PhDs

Fabian Kahl

Works in 'Stephan Jonas Group'
Studies 'Human pose estimation'
Institute for Digital Medicine, UKB
fabian.kahl [@] ukbonn.de


Leonard Böger

Works in 'Monika Scholz Group'
Studies 'Foraging decsions in a neural bottleneck'
leonard.boeger [@] mpinb.mpg.de
+49 228 9656-371
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Panagiotis Sakagiannis

Works in 'Martin Nowrot Group'
Studies 'Behavioral modeling of the Drosophila larva'
Computational neuroscience lab, UoC
p.sakagiannis [@] uni-koeln.de
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Hyuntae Kim

Works in 'Susanne Schoch Group'
Studies 'Cerebellar circuit and ataxia using ephys and in vivo Ca/iGluSnFR imaging'
Clinic for Neurosurgery, UKB
hyuntae.kim [@] uni-bonn.de
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Shuai Li

Works in 'Juergen Gall Group'
Studies 'Computer Vision'
Institute for Informatik, UoB
lishuai [@] iai.uni-bonn.de

Federico Spurio

Works in 'Juergen Gall Group'
Studies 'Unsupervised behaviour recognition and segmentation'
Informatik III, UoB
fspurio [@] uni-bonn.de
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Kim-Lara Weiß

Works in 'Michael Sommerauer Group'
Studies 'Motor signs of α-synucleinopathies in iRBD patients using gait analysis'
Departmentof Neurology, University Hospital Cologne
kim-lara.weiss [@] uk-koeln.de
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Laura Marie Asché

Works in 'Niclas Braun & Alexandra Philipsen Group'
Studies 'ADHD, Virtual Reality Therapy'
Department of Psychotherapy and Psychiatry, UKB
Laura.Asche [@] ukbonn.de
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Julian Pakos

Works in 'Niclas Braun & Alexandra Philipsen Group'
Studies "Assessment of ADHD via Virtual Reality/Smartphone Apps'
University Hospital Bonn
julian.pakos [@] ukbonn.de
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Marie Denise Roggan

Works in 'Martin Fuhrmann Group'
Studies 'Neuroimmunology & Imaging'
DZNE, Bonn
denise.roggan [@] dzne.de
0228/43302 504
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Philipp Wegner

Works in 'Jennifer Faber Group'
Studies 'Spinocerebellar ataxia'
DZNE, Bonn
philipp.wegner [@] dzne.de

Elisabeta Balla

Works in 'Bjoern Kampa Group'
Studies 'Vision neuroscience'
Department of Neurophysiology, RWTH Aachen
elisabeta.balla [@] rwth-aachen.de
+49 (0)241 80-20865
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Anoushka Jain

Works in 'Simon Musall Group'
Studies 'Computational Neuroscience (ML and Neuropixels)'
Research Center Jülich
jain.anoushka3 [@] gmail.com
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Quinn Silverman

Works in 'Graziana Gatto Group'
Studies 'Proprioception & Motor Control'
University Hospital Cologne
quinn.silverman [@] uk-koeln.de
+49 22147842651

Uttam Kumar

Works in 'Elena Demidova Group'
Studies 'Spatio-Temporal Data Analytics and Generation'
University of Bonn
+49 2287369561
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Moritz Nesseler

Works in 'Marc Spehr Group'
Studies 'Integration of olfactory information in the rodent brain'
Department for Chemosenation, Institute for Biology II, RWTH Aachen
m.nesseler [@] bio2.rwth-aachen.de
+49 2418020804
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Malte Martienßen

Works in 'Aneta Koseska Group'
Studies 'Mechanism for foraging in dynamic environment'
malte.martienssen [@] mpinb.mpg.de
+49 2289656395

Andres Flores

Works in 'Johannes Seelig Group'
Studies 'Sleep and navigation in Drosophila melanogaster'
andres.flores [@] mpinb.mpg.de
+49 2289656361
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Cem Dogdu

Works in 'Anja Schneider Group'
Studies 'bvFTD - Social Cognition/Behavior - Digital Research'
DZNE, Bonn
cem.dogdu [@] dzne.de
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Eva Sebastian

Works in 'Jan Gruendemann Group'
Studies 'Neuronal population coding in the healthy & diseased brain'
DZNE, Bonn
eva.sebastian [@] dzne.de
+49 22843302779

Yingjie Qin

Works in 'Florian Mormann Group'
Studies 'Human single unit/fear conditioning'
University hospital Bonn
+49 22828916273
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Jessica Capece Marsico

Works in 'Ssabine Krabbe Group'
Studies 'Amygdala circuitry'
DZNE, Bonn
jessica.capece-marsico [@] dzne.de
+49 228433020
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Mandana Lotfi

Works in 'Christian Henneberger Group'
Studies' Role of astrocytes in behavior'
Institute of Cellular Neurosciences, UoB
lotfi [@] uni-bonn.de

Shuvrangshu Guha

Works in 'Stefanie Poll Group'
Studies 'Novelty Detection by Hippocampus'
Institute of Experimental Epileptology & Cognition Research
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Ali Mohammadi

Works in 'Martin Schwarz Group'
Studies 'Rodents Ultrasonic Vocalizations'
alimohammadi1374 [@] gmail.com
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Chitvan Chandolia

Works in 'Bettina Schnell Group'
Studies 'Neurobiology of flight control'
chitvan.chandolia [@] mpinb.mpg.de
+49 2289656207
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Lorenzo Squadrani

Works in 'Tatjana Tchumatchenko Group'
Studies 'Computational Neuroscience - role of Astrocytes in Learning & Memory'
lorenzos [@] uni-bonn.de
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Theodoros Tamiolakis

Works in 'Michael Wenzel Group'
Studies 'Epilepsy'
Department of Epileptology, University Hospital Bonn
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Anneke Fuss

Works in 'Sandra Blaess Group'
Studies 'Neurodevelopmental Genetics'
Institute of Reconstructive Neurobiology, UoB
anneke.fuss [@] uni-bonn.de
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Leon Nissen

Works in 'Stephan Jonas Group'
Studies 'Smartphone-based Depression Analysis'
Institute for Digital Medicine, UKB
leon.nissen [@] ukbonn.de

Our PostDocs

Dr. Cansu Arican

Works in 'Martin Nawrot Group'
Studies 'Behavioral neurophysiology on sensory-motor transformation'
Institute of Zoology, UoC
carican1 [@] uni-koeln.de
+49 2214706463

Dr. Emily Burnside

Works in 'Frank Bradke Group'
Studies 'Sensorimotor neurophysiology and molecular biology in the context of spinal cord injury and axon regeneration'
DZNE, Bonn
emily.burnside [@] dzne.de
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Dr. Andreas Husch

Works in 'Frank Bradke Group'
Studies 'Neuronal network plasticity'
DZNE, Bonn
andreas.husch [@] dzne.de
+49 228 43302 592

Dr. Lara Marie Reimer

Works in 'Stephan Jonas Group'
Studies 'Mobile data analytics for monitoring neurodegenerative disease progression'
Institute for Digital Medicine, UoB
lara.reimer [@] ukbonn.de
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Dr. Hannah Jones

Works in 'Kei Ito Group'
Studies 'Drosophila neuroscience'
Institute of Zoology, UoC
hjones1 [@] uni-koeln.de
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Dr. Alireza Saeedi

Works in 'Pascal Malkemper Group'
Studies 'Perception'
alireza.saeedi [@] mpinb.mpg.de
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Dr. Karen Cheng

Works in 'Ilona Grunwald Kadow Group'
Studies 'Whole brain imaging of behaving Drosophila'
Physiologie II, UKB
karen.cheng [@] ukbonn.de
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Dr. Natalie Schieferstein

Works in 'Raoul-Martin Memmesheimer Group'
Studies 'Neural Network Dynamics and Computation'
Institute for Genetics, University of Bonn
nschiefe [@] uni-bonn.de
+49 (0) 228 73 6701
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Dr. Moritz Haustein

Works in 'Ansgar Büschges Group'
Studies 'Neurobiology/Motor control of walking'
Institute of Zoology, UoC
Moritz.Haustein [@] uni-koeln.de

Dr. Tony Kelly 

Works in 'Heinz beck Group'
Studies 'Cellular & network computations in behaviour & epilepsy'
tkelly [@] uni-bonn.de
+49 2286885157

Dr. Yonatan Hutabarat

Works in 'Dominik Bach Group'
Studies 'Biomechanics, gait, movement analysis'
University of Bonn
+49 2287369530
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Dr. Christopher Wiesbrock

Works in 'Marc Spehr Group'
Studies 'Data Science'
Institute for Biologie II, University of RWTH Aachen
wiesbrock [@] bio2.rwth-aachen.de
+49 2418020830
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Dr. Dennis Rohde

Works in 'Anne Driemel Group'
Studies 'Computational geometry, Algorithms'
Institute of Computer Science, UoB
drohde [@] uni-bonn.de
+49 228734440