Empowering the Future of Neuroscience

Empowering the Future of Neurosceince


The iBehave Network is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of leaders in neuroscience through exceptional training programs in interdisciplinary research areas. To achieve this goal, the iBehave community has established high-level training programs at all levels of education and will connect them in the Neuroscience Campus NRW. The Neuroscience Campus NRW will have significant critical mass and visibility, and will be an enduring structure beyond the four years of funding.

Neuroscience Campus NRW

The partners in the Neuroscience Campus NRW will provide reciprocal access to teaching modules, internships, and lab rotations, with iBehave PIs teaching in all master’s and graduate programs. The central coordination office will oversee and support all measures. Additionally, iBehave will be included as a partner in the NeuotechEU, a network of excellence in brain research and technologies, which aligns with iBehave’s aims and of which UoB is an active member. The Neuroscience Campus NRW structure will be sustained beyond the four years of funding, serving as a major achievement for iBehave and increasing visibility in the region.

Career perspectives

iBehave will select outstanding students and offer them cutting-edge education toward a career path in academia or industry. Supervisors and the TAC committee will actively discuss career prospects with PhD students and postdocs, especially in their last two years. Scientists with training in computer vision and data science are expected to have ample job opportunities, and PhD students from the network are anticipated to be highly attractive candidates for international postdoc positions. iBehave aims to retain some scientists at UoB or at a partner institute to continue and expand iBehave’s work.

Furthermore, participating institutions have developed career perspectives for scientific and non-scientific personnel. UoB, UoC, and RWTH have created specific curricula to facilitate research or alternative career paths, such as science management or entrepreneurship. DZNE has established a Career Development Center to support career planning for all personnel, and the Max Planck Society has founded the Planck Academy with similar objectives. iBehave will leverage its core platforms to support entrepreneurial initiatives by opening them to students and postdocs for R&D projects after their tenure in iBehave. The network of six institutions will offer an optimal environment and career springboard for scientists at all stages of their careers.

Neuroscience Campus NRW and component structures