Empowering the Future of Neuroscience

Empowering the Future of Neurosceince


Pint of Science – iBehave Evening

Date & Time: 2023.May.23 | 5:00
Location:Neue Rheinbühne, Oxfordstr. 20-22 53111, Bonn

Pint of Science – iBehave Evening
Bridging the Gap between Brain and Behavior: The ibehave Perspective

The iBehave Network is collaborating with Pint of Science to organize an event featuring speakers from the consortium who will present their cutting-edge research on natural behaviors and the underlying neural mechanisms. This event provides a unique opportunity to learn about the fascinating world of neuroscience and behavior. This is a rare opportunity to explore the captivating field of neuroscience and behavior, so don't miss out!

Join us for an evening of science and fun at the upcoming iBehave Pint of Science event!


Dr. Hannah Jones (University of Cologne)

Title: 100 neurons to see before you fly: Examining how connections are made in the fly brain!

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Gall (Department of Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence, University of Bonn)

Title: Anticipating Human Behavior with Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Marianne Roca (Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology of Behavior)

Title: Worm warfare: how predatory nematodes find their prey

Dr. Jens Tillmann (Institute for Experimental Epileptology and Cognition Research)

Title: Identifying patterns of behavior with artificial intelligence

What is Pint of Science

Pint of Science is an international festival that brings scientific research to the public in a relaxed and accessible environment - the local pub! The festival was started in 2013 by a group of UK-based postgraduate students who wanted to share their research with the public in a fun and informal way. Since then, Pint of Science has grown into a global event, with festivals now taking place in over 400 cities across 24 countries. During the festival, scientists from different fields give talks on their research in pubs and bars, allowing members of the public to learn about cutting-edge scientific discoveries over a pint. The festival covers a wide range of topics, from physics and astronomy to neuroscience and psychology. The format allows for open and lively discussions and Q&A sessions with the researchers.
Pint of Science aims to break down barriers between the scientific community and the general public and to promote science communication and engagement. By creating a relaxed and informal environment, it allows people to learn about science in a fun and engaging way, while also promoting the importance of scientific research and its impact on society.
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