Empowering the Future of Neuroscience

Empowering the Future of Neurosceince

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Temporal transitions in synaptic development

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Bassem Hassan
Date & Time: 2024.June.10 | 1:30
Location: Lecture Hall of Physiology II, Nussallee 11, 53115 Bonn
Zoom Meeting ID: 691 2550 2179|Passcode: 452937


The emergence of stereotypical wiring diagrams during brain development follows a fairly specific temporal sequence that is required for neurons to form functional synapses. During this sequence neurons must coordinate local molecular processes in axons and dendrites with distal regulatory mechanisms in the nucleus. I will discuss our efforts to identify how this coordination unfolds in time to allow the emergence of stereotypy in synaptic connectivity from fundamentally stochastic processes.