Empowering the Future of Neuroscience

Empowering the Future of Neurosceince

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Welcoming Professor Tobias Ackels: iBehave Network's Newest Associated PI

It's with great enthusiasm that we introduce Professor Tobias Ackels, who has recently come on board as an associated Principal Investigator (PI) for the iBehave Network. Beginning in August 2023, Prof. Ackels became a part of the Institute of Experimental Epileptology and Cognition Research (IEECR). His outstanding research achievements have been acknowledged with the distinguished ERC Starting Grant for his project "TempCOdE", exploring the intricacies of temporally complex odor encoding.

Prof. Ackels, with his deep-seated knowledge in neural sensory processing, expertly bridges cellular and systems neuroscience. He employs innovative techniques like in vivo opto- and electrophysiology, coupled with behavioral studies on active animals. Central to his research is the question to understand how mammals utilize olfaction to interpret spatial information through temporal patterns. He is seeking driven individuals interested in pursuing PhD or Postdoc research within his team. For more information, visit his lab's webpage.

Ahead of his new responsibilities at the University of Bonn, Prof. Ackels undertook pivotal training programs, notably completing the EMBO Laboratory Leadership Programme in 2022 and the “Postdoc to PI” initiative at the Francis Crick Institute in 2021, preparing him for the challenges ahead.

We warmly welcome Prof. Tobias Ackels to our fold. His research promises to offer transformative insights, enhancing the global neuroscience discourse and expanding our understanding of the intricacies of brain and sensory operations.

To learn more about work of Prof. Dr. Tobias Ackels please visit his lab webpage or social media accounts LinkedIn and Twitter.