Empowering the Future of Neuroscience

Empowering the Future of Neurosceince

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Reverse engineering brains: Use of animal ‘models’ for understanding the relation between brain, behavior, and cognition

Speaker: Prof. Brian H Smith
Date & Time: 2023.October.4 | 5:00
Location:Lecture Hall 0.024, Biocenter, Zülpicher Str. 47b, 50674 Cologne

Hosted by: Institute of Zoology, University of Cologne, Prof. Dr. Martin Nawrot


Ernst Bresslau Lecture 2023: A Deep Dive into Brain Engineering

The Ernst Bresslau Guest Professorship, in its third iteration this year, honors the contributions of Prof. Brian Harvey Smith from Arizona State University, USA. Prof. Smith's extensive work as a zoologist and behavioral neuroscientist has carved a niche in the world of science.


Established to acknowledge the significant work of Ernst Bresslau and the University of Cologne's historical responsibility, this lecture aims to shed light on the injustices of the National Socialist regime. Ernst Bresslau's legacy as the founder and first director of the Institute of Zoology remains unparalleled. His remarkable journey, from facing forced retirement due to his Jewish heritage to establishing the Institute of Zoology in Sao Paolo post-emigration, is a testament to resilience and passion. For a deeper dive into Ernst Bresslau's life, refer to H. J. Pflüger's 2017 article, "Professor Ernst Bresslau, founder of the Zoology Departments at the Universities of Cologne and Sao Paulo".


We are glad to supporting the travel and hosting aspects of this lecture. Join the event for an enlightening talk.