Wenzel Group

Using cellular resolution recording techniques, we address fundamental questions concerned with the formation, initiation, and progression of epileptic seizures in the intact brain. Epileptic seizures likely arise through the aberrant interaction of local neural populations whose underlying circuitry is not well understood. Despite >100 years of research, even the most basic aspects of epilepsy have escaped […]

Mormann Group

Cognitive Neurophysiology We are interested in the neurobiology of perception and memory. We explore neuronal behavior in the medial temporal lobe to understand how things and events we perceive and experience transformed into memory traces. Clinical Neurophysiology We investigate the pathophysiological mechanisms that lead to the occurrence of epileptic seizures. Our particular focus is on […]

Gall Group

The Computer Vision Group, which is headed by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Gall, has long-standing research expertise in computer vision. The group focuses on analyzing human behavior from video data, which includes human pose estimation and tracking, action recognition and temporal action segmentation, anticipation of human behavior, and weakly and unsupervised learning. For example, the group […]

Driemel Group

We have a broad interest in algorithmic problems involving geometry. Our primary goal is to design algorithms and data structures that are both practical and have provable performance. To this end, we combine the classical worst-case analysis with approximation and randomization techniques and with realistic input assumptions. Both techniques, approximation and randomization, are useful to […]

Demidova Group

Beschreibung: The Data Science & Intelligent Systems (DSIS) research group lead by Prof. Dr. Elena Demidova at the University of Bonn develops innovative machine-learning- and knowledge-based, interactive, transparent, and explainable data science methods for large-scale, heterogeneous data sets. DSIS research interests include spatio-temporal and multilingual data, Open Data, the Web, and Semantic Web.  DISCOVER our […]

Schwarz Group

Mapping and Manipulating Neural Networks with Artificial Intelligence Dr. Schwarz and his team develops and utilizes novel technologies that help to map and characterize  neuronal circuits within the hippocampus and the olfactory system that allow behaviorally adjusted neuronal computations. The teams newest technology is an artificial intelligence-based system called DeepLabStream (DLStream) that instantly recognizes a […]

Beck Group

Circuit Mechanisms of Behavior In our group, we are interested in understanding how mammalian behaviors arise from the precisely orchestrated activity patterns in neuronal ensembles. We are fascinated with the mechanisms generating behaviourally relevant activity patterns at different scales ranging from single neurons to neuronal networks spanning different brain areas, with a particular focus on […]