Tchumatchenko Group

Our research focuses on the computational modeling and mathematical analysis of single neurons, neuronal populations and recurrent networks. We employ analytic tools and computer simulations to investigate how single neurons and populations respond to their synaptic inputs, and how they interact to give rise to functioning neuronal circuits. Areas of particular interest include the role […]

Schwarz Group

Mapping and Manipulating Neural Networks with Artificial Intelligence Dr. Schwarz and his team develops and utilizes novel technologies that help to map and characterize┬á neuronal circuits within the hippocampus and the olfactory system that allow behaviorally adjusted neuronal computations. The teams newest technology is an artificial intelligence-based system called DeepLabStream (DLStream) that instantly recognizes a […]

Rose Group

We are what we remember: Learning and memory are fundamental building blocks of our identity and knowledge of the past informs our behavior in the present. The persistence of memory is one of the most striking and defining features of cognition. However, the neural circuits supporting normal processing in the brain appear to constantly rearrange […]

Beck Group

Circuit Mechanisms of Behavior In our group, we are interested in understanding how mammalian behaviors arise from the precisely orchestrated activity patterns in neuronal ensembles. We are fascinated with the mechanisms generating behaviourally relevant activity patterns at different scales ranging from single neurons to neuronal networks spanning different brain areas, with a particular focus on […]