Krabbe Group

Internal states, including emotional conditions such as anxiety or stress, as well as physiological need states like hunger or thirst, strongly influence our behaviour. By modulating the contextual perception of external cues that signal potential rewards or threats, emotional and metabolic states can dynamically control the internal valuation system and thereby affect the selection of […]

Briggman Group

To acquire the data needed to build biologically plausible models, we develop and utilize a multidisciplinary range of experimental techniques. We record cellular resolution images of neuronal populations from behaving animals. In addition, we use fluorescence microscopy to identify the expression patterns of specific proteins. Finally, we reconstruct synaptic connectivity using 3D electron microscopy. By […]

Braun Group

Virtual reality therapy (VRT) describes the computer-generated simulation of immersive, interactive, and reality-close virtual environments for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. A typical VRT application is for instance the reality-close visual simulation of anxiety-provoking situations by means of VR glasses for exposure therapy in anxiety disorders. The aim of the research group „Virtual Reality Therapy and […]