Seelig Group

We use optical microscopy techniques, such as two-photon calcium imaging, to understand how neural networks in the brain change over time, from single synapses to entire circuits, and how these changes relate to behavior. Our research focuses on the model organism Drosophila melanogaster where genetically identified, comprehensive neural networks underlying adaptive behaviors can be studied. We interpret […]

Scholz Group

The goal of the group ‘Neural Information Flow’ is to understand how animals integrate multiple sources of information to guide their behavior. We study foraging in the roundworm C. elegans, a behavior that is essential for survival. The worms’ brain is particularly interesting, as locomotion and feeding are controlled in two distinct neural circuits connected by […]

Demidova Group

Beschreibung: The Data Science & Intelligent Systems (DSIS) research group lead by Prof. Dr. Elena Demidova at the University of Bonn develops innovative machine-learning- and knowledge-based, interactive, transparent, and explainable data science methods for large-scale, heterogeneous data sets. DSIS research interests include spatio-temporal and multilingual data, Open Data, the Web, and Semantic Web.  DISCOVER our […]