Our Board

The iBehave board will be the governing body of the network, and is composed of representatives of all institutions.


Ilona Grunwald Kadow, Univ. Bonn

Heinz Beck, Univ. Bonn

Tobias Rose, Univ. Bonn

Gaia Tavosanis, DZNE
Sabine Krabbe, DZNE


Kevin Briggman, MPI Neurobiology of Behavior – caesar

Aneta Koseska, MPI Neurobiology of Behavior – caesar

Ansgar Büschges, Univ. Cologne

Graziana Gatto, Univ. Cologne

Gereon Fink, Univ. Cologne
Marc Spehr, RWTH Aachen



Sonja Grün, Research Center Juelich.



Management struture of iBehave.