Intersectional Projects


In iBehave we intend to work in highly interdisciplinary, intersectional projects (IPs), in three research topics (A-C), organized conceptually along a common understanding of behavior (see schematic figure). Intersectional projects are characterized by co-supervision of PhD students, and advisory PIs with complementary expertise. To foster experiment-theory interaction, theory PIs are part of each IP and will, in collaboration with the experimentalists, develop theoretical frameworks to consolidate findings

into common frameworks valid across models and species. All IPs will collaborate intensely with the core platforms to develop common behavioral and neuronal activity analysis tools with the aim of generating common data formats accessible through a joint data analysis platform (insert link for platforms).

Intersectional Projects

Discover Topic A – Setting the goal: Expectation and experience shape behavior

Discover Topic B – Achieving the goal: Adaptive motor behavior

Discover Topic C – Neurological and psychiatric disorders: Regaining the goal